Speech Therapy

Helping children speak, communicate, and understand language. 

*Speech and language developmental milestones

*Speech Fluency

*Literacy and vocabulary

*Feeding and oral motor

*Pragmatics and social skills



Sensory Integration

Gradually increasing play based activities to improve a child's nervous system.  Helping children learn to self-regulate their emotions, behaviors and arousal levels.

*Autism and ADHD

*Sensory Processing Disorder

*Poor tolerance of Sensory Stimuli from the environment

*Aggression, Frustration or Avoidance Behavior

Feeding Therapy

Providing skilled assessment and intervention to children with feeding difficulties.

*Food Aversion

*Food Refusal

*Very Picky Eating

*Avoidance of Certain Textures

*Gagging and Vomiting

*Oral motor/Chewing Difficulties

*Limited Diet/Food Repertoire



Helping children build better self-esteem, confidence and independence in all that they do.

*Sensory Processing Disorder

*Fine Motor and Handwriting

*Visual Motor Integration

*Play and Social Skills

*Developmental Delays

Helping children move and interact with their environment.

*Walking and Mobility

*Balance, Coordination, Motor Planning

*Strength, Muscle Tone and Range of 


*Myofascial Release

*Developmental Motor Milestones

*Postural Control and Positioning

*Developmental Delays

Physical Therapy

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